RINOLO Firm Mattress

Gel Infused for Cooler Sleep,Motion Isolation,Supportive & Pressure Relief with Breathable Soft Fabric, Spinal Support Insulator Mattress-in-a-Box


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✅ Clinically Tested, Proved Support | 29% Improved Sleep Quality | 34% Reduced Back Pain | 96% Reduced Back Stiffness.


✅ Spinal Support Insulator | Naturally Inherent FR.


✅ The mattress features a firm poly quilt layer, which refers to a quilted fabric layer with a firm feel. This layer adds an extra level of comfort and padding while providing a consistent and supportive surface for sleep.


✅ The mattress incorporates convoluted foam, also known as egg crate foam, which features a wavy or convoluted surface. This design helps distribute body weight evenly, reducing pressure points and promoting proper spinal alignment. The convoluted foam layer also enhances airflow within the mattress, contributing to a cooler sleep environment.


✅ Spinal support insulator is designed to provide additional support and alignment for the spine, helping maintain proper spinal alignment during sleep. It aids in preventing sagging and contributes to the overall durability of the mattress


✅ Do Not Wash, Spot Clean Only. Vacuum Your Mattress.

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